Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Back to School

He started packing over a week ago. Whereas he was using his new Spider-man backpack, he wasn't packing school supplies for kindergarten. Nope, he was packing toys. He also gathered his sleeping bag, pillow and blanket. He was moving out. Clothing must be overrated. He is obviously handling the stress of starting school well.

He will be in class with Anne's daughter. This is both a blessing and a curse. They are buddies and will be a great comfort to one another in the coming days but they are also quite familiar with one another so we anticipate owing the teacher wine soon.

Kate is starting fourth grade with the same teacher she had last year. When we discovered Ms. Cox was moving up, we requested the opportunity to continue working with her. We are pleased the scheduling gods saw fit to make it happen. Once Kate found out which class she would be attending and which of her close friends were going with her, the anxiety she felt about school dissipated. Praise the Lord. We had a tummy ache every stinking day this summer.

Makenna was also a bundle of nerves as she approached her sophomore year but once she had her completed schedule in hand with teachers she is already familiar with, she too settled in and accepted her fate. Her tech commitment should be a little easier this year with the addition of a technical director rather than the chaos we worked around last year. Amen.

I requested the day off from my extra kiddos knowing full and well I would be an emotional mess throughout the day. I have two dear friends who also put their last babies in kindergarten this year. We decided weeks ago to go out to breakfast together this morning as a way to take our minds off our kiddos. We are wise women as the camaraderie will be good for our souls.

In other news, it is July. We have started back to school. Since we say the kids go back every fall, is it too soon to pull out the pumpkins?

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Still cannot believe we are back to school already and still cannot believe our babies are in kindergarten! I am happy they are in the same class together.

And may not bring out the pumpkins just yet :)