Saturday, July 25, 2015

Makenna Grace is 15

So here we are at age fifteen. She has a boyfriend and whereas they are both entering their sophomore year, he is one year and two days older than her. This is often the case with her late July birth date. However, this means Makenna has a boyfriend old enough to drive. I liked the kid prior to that realization. Upon the delivery of that news, I very casually suggested she might be tired of that boy and should probably let him down easy and immediately. Please. Perhaps I wasn't as casual as I intended? Sigh. So we are in the throws of another teenager and it isn't getting any easier.

She is hilarious, sarcastic, patient, nurturing, smart and feisty. She rolls with the punches until she doesn't, which is often colorful in the end. Her final straw is never expected.

She's famous for long lazy days in front of Netflix with commentary about how "Pretty Little Liars isn't going to watch itself" when we dare to suggest a shower or real clothes hours after she allegedly woke up.

She is excited about the upcoming theater season and hopes to manage one of the smaller shows this year. Yes, she is still quite bossy or as she says, "I just know what everyone else should be doing". She is a loyal friend, almost to a fault hanging on to relationships long after they are no longer healthy. She doesn't easily give up on people; a trait that's endearing and concerning at the same time. Her discernment is growing as she ages and she sees most for who they really are but loves them anyway.

She has a growing library of favorite books and leans toward vintage decor, clothing from thrift stores and music from the 80's. She is a pretty cool kid with her own sense of style. I noted she was wearing a beautiful lace blouse and asked if we could take her birthday photos. She surprised me and agreed. I scoped a wild flower field and a bubbling brook as our location. An hour later she was ready. She was dressed in clothes from Goodwill and wanted to go downtown to take a picture with graffiti and the cheese sculpture I still don't understand. I ran with it and we had fun.

She reserves her deeper conversations for midnight and beyond. The unfortunate reality is the alarm that sounds at six each morning. But for those moments snuggled in my bed late at night, I will forgo sleep most every time. Her world view differs from mine but we respect each other enough to listen carefully. She is pretty awesome. 

Happy fifteenth birthday to you, Makenna Grace.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Wonderful pictures of an amazing and beautiful young lady. I know her birthday didn't end the way anyone would want, but it doesn't surprise me that she put a friend's needs before her own and was there for her during such a devastating time. She is truly beautiful, inside and out.
I am so proud of her. Happy Birthday to Makenna.