Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sunday Funday

It was just an average family dinner tonight for all of us and two boyfriends. It consisted of eighteen eggs, two pounds of bacon, a double recipe of sausage gravy, thirty biscuits, two pounds of hash browns, one batch of sour cream pancakes, a pint of blueberries, a quart of strawberries and six ounces of black berries. At one point, Justin was rationing the strawberries and Kate was hiding the pancakes. Erin then requested chili for dessert. Seriously. It took over an hour to prepare and almost as much time to clean up but it was worth every minute of effort to have us all gathered around the table. I hate how infrequent it is that we all get together now that the teens have so many evening commitments. The laughter was loud and contagious. The inside jokes remained appropriate which isn't always the case with twenty two year old boys around the same table as the five year old. Some discussions were deep and others were fun. We are incredibly blessed.

This afternoon Ty and I went to Jennifer's to retrieve Kate from her sleep over with Shelby. Jennifer called ahead and challenged Ty to a duel with his light sabers. Ty has fallen hard for Star Wars and Jenn is a big fan.
Clearly, Jenn is awesome and Ty was in his glory. However, Jenn threatened me with CPS yesterday when she discovered Kate didn't know the Hokey Pokey. I have been on the receiving end of previous threats over Chuck E. Cheese and corn dogs. Jenn is the fun mom.

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