Sunday, February 22, 2015

Yellow Bunnies

The weekend held more relaxation and desperate attempts to entertain the family. We are a bit stir crazy at this point. A wii bowling tournament over popcorn and ice cream commenced Saturday night after we shoveled the driveway and back deck. Kate and Ty were finally able to get back outside for a bit since the freezing rain subsided and temperatures rose to freezing. Fresh air, no matter how cold is always a good idea.

Greg and I slipped away with our final Christmas gift card to Longhorn for lunch today. It was as delicious as usual. We've barely connected the last few weeks so the uninterrupted meal was more than appreciated.

Kate rode with me to drop Makenna off at a friend's house this afternoon. The next thing we knew, we were in Target. It's crazy how that happens. I now own a sweet little rabbit figurine. It's yellow. And happy. And says spring will arrive. I promise it was worth the $3. Maybe it's just me but the tulips will be adorning the front door before the week ends because I am tired of depressing browns. Spring will happen. Soon, I hope. 

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