Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Weekend Review

We keep Valentine's Day pretty simple around here. There aren't expectations beyond a treat for the kids to share. As Greg likes to boast, the last time we celebrated Valentine's Day, we ended up with Lauren. It's not that we don't love Lauren, but she was totally God's idea. Anyway, this year was no exception. Trying to navigate when to give the kids a treat was the tricky part. Everyone has opposing schedules. So I decided to set things out after everyone went to bed Friday night so as they all started their Valentine's Day, they'd be met with a sweet reminder of our love for them. Kenna called from a friend's house Friday night requesting she get to spend the night. I reminded her of our valentines and she told me she didn't want to hurt her friend's mom's feelings because they have the same idea in their house. It's nice to know where I stand in these situations.
They all looked so cute chatting together until I picked up the camera. Teenagers are the least cooperative people on the planet sometimes.

My parents spent the weekend with us. Mom and I sat down today to search rental properties for the St. Louis area and booked a villa for Spring Break. We are now seeking an itinerary for all things free in St. Louis to entertain three generations. I think we'll love it. 

The Louisville Slugger Museum made the cut for today's activity when we learned about the $5 admission for this month. Ty loved it and wants to return soon. Finding his name throughout the museum amused him. "My name is here and not yours because I am famous".  In a round-a-bout way, Ty was sort of named after Ty Cobb. Greg's maternal grandfather was given the name George at birth but was such a great ball player, the community referred to him as Ty after Ty Cobb. When we were seeking names for our Ty, that story kept popping into conversations. I wanted John David but Greg's brother has John as a middle name after their paternal grandfather and we didn't want to use the name Brad may one day want to pass down. So, Ty David it is. It is famous after all.

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