Friday, February 13, 2015


Two year old Anna in a very serious tone said to Oliver, "alright now, let's be careful". Oliver promptly swatted at the finger she had pointed at him. She then looked at me with the most sincere expression and said, "Oli-ber is not listening"
Our little mailman is pretty adorable and takes his job very seriously. Anna's mom owns a preschool and brings extra crafts to Ty a few times each week. The letter carrier bag was a big hit. He loved making it, as he enjoys all the crafts he completes with Amanda and more so, he loves creating mail for the neighbors. Since our little mailman has limited boundaries, the four neighbors within tight proximity to our house have been inundated with drawings of superheros. The word, "MAIL" is written on the outside of their taped up packaging. He has practiced writing neighbors' names too. It's serious cuteness.

I had an emotional moment this week after discussing college plans with Lauren. This conversation fell on the heels of a discussion with Erin about her internship ending with multiple job offers. The one she wants to take will move her across town. As in AWAY FROM ME. The nerve of these kids to grow up and move out. As we talked about room arrangements and things that would change around here when they both move out, I started to cry. I tried to keep it together because Lauren tolerates very few tears in all situations, especially from her mother. Ever so helpfully Lauren offered to look at baby photos for her senior yearbook to distract me. She's helpful.  Or not.

We had one of Lauren's final conferences Thursday. She was supposed to find a senior quote to accompany her baby photo for the yearbook and so far, none of them are fit for printing. For the love. We are so proud. I spend a lot of time breathing deeply while rubbing my temples in these conferences. May God bless her teacher. She's been through a lot these last three years. For the record, I suggested, "am I in trouble" for her senior quote because any time Danielle or I call her into a discussion, she responds with, "am I in trouble?"

Erin rear-ended a middle aged man on the highway this week in stop-and-go traffic. There was no damage to his car and only her license plate was cracked. The man got out of the car apologizing to her and making sure she was okay. He assumed full responsibility for the accident and asked if she wanted to call the police. Erin said she'd rather not be late for work but would call if he wanted. He agreed to let it go, gave her a hug and again made sure she was okay. Only Erin would get a hug and apology from a perfect stranger for something she was responsible for.

Getting kids onto the bus at 6:50 each morning has it's perks. God shows off a bit at sunrise. This would be the only perk to that horrendous hour but I will take the gifts.

Meanwhile at Meijer.......

Someone chose her own shoes for the day. Anna is one of a kind.
He talked me in to a swiffer so he can mop all by himself. He begged for Oxyclean laundry detergent. "Mom, it is a powerful clean!" I may be raising a germ-a-phobe, a slipper wearing Super germ-a-phobe.

As we entered Meijer he asked what was on our list. I started listing veggies and he let out a deep sigh. "I am so glad Grandma and Grandpa are coming tomorrow. They will bring the good food."

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