Monday, February 23, 2015

Newport Aquarium

A month ago I realized I wouldn't have extra kiddos on February 23. I talked with Kate's teacher and arranged a personal day for her so she could go with us to the Newport Aquarium. They were once again offering two free kids with one paid adult. I invited Kristin and Avry to meet us. Lauren figured out what surprise I had planned and harassed me and her teacher endlessly until she was also cleared to go. Lauren loves sharks. We are all glad we went. It was a great day.

upside down jelly fish were beautiful
The sharks were a bit timid with busy little fingers so the boys didn't get the experience Kate and Lauren did.

The girls spent a great deal of time in this location. They loved it and talked at length about the different species they saw today on the way home. Lauren dreams of swimming with sharks in South Africa someday. Her mother would rather not think about it.