Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My World

Kate has earned the title of bus monitor for the daily commute. Sister is taking her job very seriously. Believe me, she is taking names and counting offenses. I hear all about it as she returns from school every day. I suspect little boys are taunting her with their whack-a-mole approach to almost standing up in the seats repeatedly.

It's not easy being super. He declared out of the blue he wants to get rid of his bed and sleep in a cardboard box. I told him he'd make a fine homeless man someday. He then attempted to sell the idea by saying, "but Mom, we can paint a cardboard box". Welcome to my world.

I am a bit concerned Ty may have a phobia about germs. He won't eat food another child touches. Baby Levi touched his face and he insisted he could taste baby germs in his mouth and had to brush his teeth. If Devyn or Anna touch his toys after sucking on their fingers, which both still often do, he will have to wash that toy before he will play with it again. I hope this is a phase and not a warning.
Ty made a thinking cap and swears he's a "good thinker" when he wears it. This face is his silly face and I am afraid we are experiencing a sticker shortage.

I am still having technical difficulties with my video settings. I can't upload the clip I took of Ty reading a book for Grandma. He not only sounded out the words as he read but he giggled when the characters were silly. I love seeing the world of books open up to him.

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