Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happening Here

Talking with Ty about bad guys and strangers is done in vain. He is a superhero and can take them all. He earned an early bedtime one night last week. I told him he could choose bedtime stories. Ty NEVER wants me to read to him. He prefers to make up his own stories; however, at his early bedtime, he was suddenly interested in six stories and the bible. Ahem. Well played, son. How on earth was I supposed to refuse to read the bible?
I may be running out of indoor entertainment. Spring needs to arrive. Soon.

Kate is wiped out. Practicing for state testing is the sole focus of school these days. I wish Indiana had an opt-out policy. This will all wrap up in time for a much deserved spring break later this month. She's still taking gymnastics and art classes through a local community center. Both are excellent outlets for her.
Kate found this chunk of ice on the trampoline this weekend. Rumor has it she'll have another ice seeking opportunity again tomorrow.

Makenna is in the throws of another theater production. She is attending school from 7am -3pm and then going to tech from 5pm-11pm daily. Her weekends have been consumed by it as well. They will have seven performances of Mary Poppins over the course of the next two weekends. We are looking forward to the end. It's a lot of running, lack of sleep, poor diet and high stress program. Mom is not impressed.
Sometimes we just need a sleep over on Mom's floor

Lauren is finally on her extended campus plan for school which means she only attends classes for a few hours each week. She has entered the management training program with McDonald's and made some decisions about her future career path. We met with a substance abuse counselor last weekend to discuss possible positions serving that community. Lauren's personality will likely be better suited within the criminal justice system rather than social work. She and I are touring a college offering both criminal justice and substance abuse programs later this month. She is pretty excited and looking back, it's easy to see how this could be her calling in life.

Erin wrapped up her internship last week and started as a full time employee with Aspen Dental this week. She loves her job, co-workers and not smelling like Subway at the end of the day. We are thrilled to see a little more of her since she is no longer balancing both jobs and school. Her official graduation is in May but she has finished the program with a 4.0. She is proud of her accomplishments and looking to move out on her own soon.

Brutus had a check up in early February. The vet is pleased with our old boy. I decided to put him on a grain free diet a few months ago and believe it's helping.  He looks great. His energy has increased and he's navigating the stairs again. He has little bursts of puppy like behavior and we love every minute of it.

Oliver is rotten. Completely rotten. I woke up this morning before my alarm and surprised the cat who had climbed into the cabinet, ripped open the Doritos and indulged in a snack. I never used child locks for my kids but may need them for Oliver. In typical Greg humor, he asks what else can be cut off the cat to calm him down because neutering him clearly didn't work.


Jill May said...

Great job, Erin!!!! Super proud of you!!! And Lauren, call Uncle Greg if you want to talk about criminal justice classes, I am guessing he would love to talk to you about it!

Baughman Family said...

Thanks Jill. I think it would be fun to have Lauren and Greg talk. I was just laughing with her today about the time he had to climb up into the play structure at McDonald's to get her down when she was two! We had three little ones at Chick-fil-a and one backed out before getting stuck. I had already nominated her as the hero!

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Lots of exciting new life adventures for your two oldest girls--- so proud of both them!!! And poor Kate and Makenna will both be ready for a much needed spring break with the stress they have going on....I can't believe how much time Makenna is working on the play, that is A LOT for a highschooler.
Love the picture of Kate and Brutus having a sleep over. And as always, Ty has me giggling - he is fun boy :)