Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tea Party

Looking to shake things up a bit with my favorite little people, I proposed a tea party this morning. Ty was immediately on board because our tea parties always include a sweet treat. I then suggested we dress up and make it a fancy tea party, envisioning the little girls in dresses and beads. Ty jumped to a different conclusion. Of course. He decided he was going to be a green ninja and I was going to be a blue one. He chose my outfit. Blue on blue on blue. I had a skirt and a dress that were also contenders as solid blue options until my little fashionista informed me I couldn't be a ninja in those clothes. My ears are naked because ninjas do not wear earrings.

Frankly, I have worn worse. The idea for this little experiment of allowing Ty to choose my outfit originated when my friend Sarah sent me an article about a mom who allowed her three year old son to choose her outfits for a week. I am not that brave. First, once Ty realizes I don't own any capes, I am certain he'll be completely dumbfounded as to just what it is that I do wear. Secondly, he wore red shorts, a long sleeved red thermal shirt and cowboy boots to the school yesterday. It was St. Patrick's Day. On Monday and again today, he is wearing green; all green. His judgement overall is questionable.
But he is awesome.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Yes, he is awesome!!
I want to invite myself to the next tea party, you let Ty dress you and I'll let Ashlyn dress me....this could be fun :)