Friday, March 13, 2015

Oh Boy

My friend Jenn says cats used to be worshiped and they've never forgotten.
I stepped out in faith and signed Ty up for gymnastics this week. I fear he'll attempt some crazy stunt off the top bunk. Frankly, he probably already has and just hasn't gotten hurt doing it yet, so I remain blissfully unaware. Anyway, in typical Ty fashion, as the class time approached, he clammed up. He was afraid to try it and wanted to back out. I pushed him in and Kate encouraged him lovingly. Ty was set up with his teachers and talking their ears off by the time I had the check written. It was awesome to watch him get acclimated and comfortable. He had his hand raised to be the first to try everything. He jumped up, ran across the floor, bounced off the spring board and flipped onto the mat. Parents in the room looked at me and collectively commented about his skill set and questioned where had he been prior to this class. living room?

He started sleeping on his floor a few nights ago because he swears his bed is uncomfortable. "When I lay down on my bed, I feel like a rock lands on my head".
Someone planned to throw all his clothes away so he would only be able to wear costumes from now on. He was shocked his plan was foiled and couldn't believe he alone had to clean it all up. It's not easy being five.

He isn't permitted use of electronic toys during the week anymore. He is addicted and fails to be his creative self when his face is in a screen. He fights me until he relaxes and finds something to do. One day last week, he was running away to live in the field as soon as he got the police to help him shoot all the possums because I wouldn't allow him tv time. We've had a possum wander into our yard twice recently so it's a real threat. Mommy is okay with the police shooting the possums but not with the living in the field portion of this plan. Besides, rumor has it, the tv won't work in the field anyway.
Ty can almost always make baby Levi smile. He and Devyn fight like siblings but he misses her on the days she isn't here.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I love that kid! The fact that he was just gonna throw away all of his clothes cracks me up :)

rrogers said...

It's nice to hear someone else who had to eliminate screen time during the week. It's pretty amazing at such a young age how they can be all-consumed by electronics. The first few days were the toughest but now that it's warming up, it won't be much of a problem because thankfully he still loves being outside above all else.

Baughman Family said...

The changes in his behavior as so obvious. He is sweet and busy when he doesn't have his face in a screen. Add anything back, and he's irritable.