Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Break Wrap Up

Spring break was good, really good with the exception of the two gynecology appointments I would rather not discuss. Apparently ignoring their standards of annual visits for over five years is frowned upon. Whatever. Otherwise, we not only enjoyed a trip to St. Louis, but the kids had sleep-overs with friends, a trip to sky zone, a movie, a Lego play date, a few art classes and lots of outdoor playtime on the days it didn't rain or snow. Yes we saw snow. No one was pleased about it either. Spring has sprung anyway and our lawn is green again, Praise the Lord. Our landscape has been prepped for planting and mulch. Garden plans are in the works too. April promises to be busy in the best ways with our hands deep into God's soil.

Lauren and I took a day trip to explore a college she anticipates attending this fall. The time line for student preparation is fast paced and I felt a host of different emotions as we checked out student life on campus. She received some skeptical looks as she declared criminal justice as her major. Substance abuse counseling will be her focus but no one asked. Based on the looks she was getting from upper-class-men, I am okay with young men believing she will be carrying a gun someday. This plan to live on campus is unnerving for her mother. Lauren is currently conspiring ways she can take Brutus with her. Of course.

Erin was contacted by the head of her school and asked to speak at her upcoming college graduation ceremony. We are all pretty excited for her. She will be the only student speaker so it's quite an honor. Have I mentioned how proud we are of her?
A good book in the sunshine? Yes, please.

Greg and I had an hour to ourselves while we waited on Kate's art class. We perused Home Depot because as I already mentioned, we have some upcoming projects planned. We knocked one off the list with new front door hardware today. Anyway, as we rounded a corner, we saw rubber mallets and cracked up. While we were traveling to St. Louis last weekend, Ty picked up a rubber mallet in a gas station and declared he had to have it for vacation. Nothing says "I am on vacation" like a five year old brandishing a rubber mallet. Sweet Jesus, that boy is something else.

Makenna has been asked to be the social manager for her friend's band, No True Lies. Anticipate links to follow them in the near future as we are apparently big fans now. She's a bossy social manager. 

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

The tulips are beautiful! I am so proud of your girls but still in denial that they are growing up and graduating on to new and exciting adventures.

I think Makenna will make an excellent social manager :) Does this mean the band will be performing at your house this summer? I am thinking Block Party!! :)

Love the pic of Kate and Ty reading on the trampoline!!