Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Joy of Motherhood

Kristin and I were chatting this morning and I repeatedly interrupted the conversation with cheerful instructions like, "Anna, please stop licking the window. It's yucky" and "Devyn, I have talked with you three times in five minutes. If you jump on my couch again I will ban you from using it again today". Kristin laughed at my couch ban. It must have sounded ridiculous from the other end of the line. Somehow we got on the topic of things we say to our kids in front of other people and she shared her five year old son had lost the privilege of walking through Kroger this week because he was growling at people in the produce section. She found herself explaining it to her their favorite cashier and was embarrassed. I laughed and said that was as entertaining as my son who pulled the shopping cart over on top of himself in the cereal aisle and how I almost asked him where his mother was as I picked all our groceries off the floor. But he was pinned under said cart and perhaps that would have taken things a bit too far. But seriously. How does this happen?
I text Greg at work and said, "I will be sleeping in the bunk bed"

Anna loves to sing. All.The.Time. She is adorable and we sing together frequently. Even through Meijer. Greg was shocked to locate us in an aisle on Monday as we were mixing Anna's rendition of Deep and Wide with the ABC song at the top of our lungs. Frankly, I am surprised they let me in there anymore. I don't exactly have a singing voice, to say the least. But we have fun and annoy very few other shoppers on the average Monday morning.
Someone believes he is reading tonight's bedtime story to his sister.

Speaking of Anna, she has been in the throws of potty training and has learned she can control adults with the power of "I have to go potty". I was held hostage in the bathroom for 45 minutes today. Ahem. I text Anne requesting back up. She promised to locate and send Shemar Moore as a negotiator. Anne is awesome. I love having other momma friends to compare our brand of crazy.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

The picture of Ty reading to Kate is so sweet!