Thursday, January 15, 2015

What We've Been Up To

Caramelizing onions. It couldn't be easier and the flavor impact is incredible. Add a little grilled guacamole to a burger, top with those babies and whala, heaven on a plate! Do yourself a favor and make some.

I have been reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker again. Acknowledging my privilege in this world is beneficial, to say the least. Interrupted was fantastic too. I am processing just what it is I am supposed to do with these convictions.

I resigned from one of my families as of Jan 1 and feel like my load is more manageable now. Ty and I are working through school and he is surprising me with his interest. Of course, I have surprised myself as well. There was a handwriting lesson around the words poop, fart, pee and butt. I am not proud but Ty giggled clear through said lesson and has bragged about it repeatedly. I am Mom of the year, obviously.

Teenagers are wimps. That is all. The same cold that barely slowed Kate and Ty down last week has grounded Lauren and Makenna. Very little school was attended this week and there were some knock down drag outs over priorities. Parenting teens can be such a joy. I now possess an extra phone. I am Mom of the year, obviously.

Last weekend, Greg and I took Makenna, Kate and Ty to see Annie. We all enjoyed the outing after coming to terms with the price-point of a matinee. There is a reason we do this less than once a year. I found the remake to be adorable even though there will never be a replacement for Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan. Half way through the movie, Ty leaned over and announced we should have gone to a good movie. I guess we came away with a mixed review. Afterward, we took the kids to our favorite Cuban restaurant. Live music and energetic crowds were very entertaining. At one point I was singing along with the band and discovered Makenna trying to hide under the table. Once Greg asked me to dance, she announced she was running away. Greg now wants to take all our teens. He is seeking the empty nest a little more than anyone with a five year old should.

Oliver had an appointment with the snip clinic this week. I felt rather anxious about his appointment because that surgery on top of vaccines sent Brutus' health into a tailspin as a puppy. Oliver is thus far no worse for the wear. He returned very happy to see his family and was immediately jumping onto furniture and running through the house which was strongly discouraged by the vet. Let's just say five month old kittens aren't known for being compliant. We're glad to have him home.

So we have this theory around here that any little project can quickly become a big project. We call it the domino effect. I wanted a few organizational items in the kitchen. One was a basket mounted on the inside of a cabinet door for aluminum foil and sandwich baggies and the other was a paper towel holder mounted on the inside of another cabinet door. I keep the paper towels off the counter so they aren't within reach and over-used. Our paper product budget was insane a few short years ago. We still go through a lot but have curtailed it significantly. I digress....the point was that I spent under $15 and made myself happy. I am easy to please. Greg went to install the paper towel holder for me and discovered the paper towels were wet. Further investigation revealed everything under the sink was soaked. Our disposal is leaking. Again. We replaced it six years ago. Is it sad that Greg grinned and asked if I wanted to go on a date to Home Depot with him this weekend to replace the disposal? Yes! A date night! We are pathetic.

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