Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Weekend Review

Greg taunts Brutus with his turkey call. Brutus' howling is adorable, just so you know.

I took Kate and her friend to four major name craft stores in search of scrapbooking supplies to update the kids' albums. Whereas they came up with several crafting ideas, I was rather disappointed by the selection. Apparently scrapbooking is a dying art. All the scrapbooking stores have closed their doors since my last updating weekend a year ago. On top of the lack of inspiration out there, I am feeling homesick for my girlfriends in Ohio who would gather together with me one Friday night a month for hours of crafting. It's just not the same without them. I suppose these will be my last old school style albums.

Makenna found herself grounded for the weekend. She spent it lamenting loudly how horrible we are to spend weekends with. She's delightful. She wanted to make sure we hated having her grounded as much as she hated being grounded.

Greg and I had a date for lunch today. We decided we have to go to the Home Depot on our dates because we don't really know how to behave anywhere else. Our behavior is questionable when we are without children. Greg was drooling all over the smoker aisle. 
Our neighbor text she felt safe seeing Superman flying through our yard this weekend. The weather was fantastic and our little superhero caught up on some much needed vitamin D. I noted his laundry this weekend consisted of four pair of underwear, two pair of pajamas, one pair of socks and six costumes.
Oliver has fully recovered from his procedure last week. Convincing him to relax is difficult at times; however, he naps with flare when it's his idea to do so.  Take a load off, buddy.


Jill May said...

I have scrapbooked very little since you moved, and my pictures are a hot mess, just lined up in photo boxes. Scrapbooking isn't nearly as fun without my friends!!!

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

That picture of Greg napping with Ty crawling on top of do husbands do that? Brad can do that too, just lay there and get a catnap in while the kids are crawling/laying all over him....It's some weird gift that I wasn't blessed with and I am slightly jealous.