Friday, June 29, 2012

A hot picking day

I love visits from long time friends. It feels like home. Jill and Aaron came down to relax and enjoy a balmy 100+ degrees. Only the best for my friends.

I suddenly decided my mother in law's black raspberry pie would be the perfect dessert for this weekend. Out black raspberry picking we went. It was toasty to say the least so we celebrated our successful picking with hand made ice cream from Huber's. Mine was fresh peach and about the best darn thing I've eaten in ages. Oh my.
Colby has said "cookie" no less than 100 times today. We did not get any. He was not pleased. No one was. Those cookies were the size of their heads.
After beating the bushes to see if he could speed this process along, said stick was removed and Ty needed a Kenna hug. Mommy's mean.
This shot is for Jill who spent our time together reminiscing Aaron being Colby's age. They share a lot of similar features. Sweet boys.
 Kate was super excited to be picking because she's been in school for our previous excursions. We will make a trip back on a cooler day for more peaches.

 Makenna quickly regretted her seat next to this little guy.
A happy ending. 


Jill May said...

I love the pic of Aaron and Colby! :) I miss you and the kids so much, thank you for keeping us and feeding us well!!!! I am already looking ahead to us planning more girl time. I vote that Kristen and I meet you at Cheeseburger in Paradise soon! :)

Baughman Family said...

Jill, that sounds fun....the one by the antique shops? Excellent idea. Remember those black raspberries? I ate them. Couldn't bear to turn on the oven to bake a pie. Oh well.