Sunday, June 3, 2012

"Pa-pa's coming"

Friday our final two students wrapped up their school year. It was a long year full of changes and growth. I spent the end of the day in Kate's studio face painting. I cringed a little when I was assigned that department but was assured I didn't need to worry as the kids were requesting hearts, flowers and rainbows. My first customer wanted her face to look like a zombie. The second, a tiger that covered her entire face. At the end of the line was my sweet Kate who asked for hearts on both cheeks. She knows me well!

We are now the proud parents of a senior, a sophomore, a seventh grader, a second grader and a two year old who will remain at home because I don't know what I'd do without him! We will have eight kids in the house all summer. (Send food please!) In August, all of our school aged kids will be in the classroom. After nine years, it appears I am retiring from home education. I hope to spend more time volunteering in the Montessori school. We love the program and the support they've extended this year.

Prior to spending time at the school on Friday, Erin and I took the only two others I had that day out to run errands in preparation for the weekend. I always try to put Ty in a "little brother" tee whenever it is just us as she tends to get dirty looks and comments. Ty looks quite a bit like Erin. On the other hand, when I take all of the kids out, I am asked a lot of questions and field negative comments. My favorite being, "are you a daycare?" with "don't you know what causes that?" being a close second. One day I will have the nerve to answer that one with "no, can you explain it to me". Or not.

Mom and Dad came down for the weekend. Ty told everyone we talked to for days, "Pa-pa's coming on Friday". We loaded up on Saturday and cruised through two neighborhood garage sales to find Ty a big boy bike. He is a mad man on that thing and loves it even more because his Grandma and Grandpa bought it for him. That evening we made a frozen yogurt run, which was quite tasty. Mom and Dad brought birthday gifts from themselves and Aunt Kristin to finally end Kate's birthday celebration. She loves both the pottery wheel and the photo frames. All in all, we relaxed and enjoyed each other. It was a good weekend.

My sister sent a large bag of hand me downs with my parents for Ty. Included was a tee that says, "My parents are exhausted". Lauren wants one in her size. (I could probably use five.)

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