Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pinterest and Other Distractions

Brian pulled into the drive with a trailer attached to his vehicle on Monday. He casually mentioned to my patient husband that he plugged "Pinterest" into mapquest and our address came up. Thanks Brian. But, he always brings me a really cute kid and this trip included a project worthy treasure as well.



Makenna and Lauren love it.
And speaking of pink......Colby is going to be a big brother in October! Everyone except Colby is really excited and anticipating his little sister. Ask Colby about her and he will firmly say "no".

While I was busy painting, the boys found a few distractions as well......squirt bottles and sidewalk chalk are always treasures. They were busy "washing" my van for over an hour. It was glorious.

This little guy will no longer be hanging out with us as his grandma is feeling better and wants as much time as possible with him before he starts preschool this fall. He added a lot of personality to our house....
Ty packs a break time snack when there is work to be done on the tractor.....Brutus hangs out close by just in case that snack ends up on the ground.  Ty does put the screw back in place each time Greg or I repair the slipped chain. He is pretty pleased with his ability.
We are all working on summer knees this year and the addition of bee stings has been ridiculous. Ty's been hit twice this week and Kate and I each once. It hurts.
Isn't it amazing how far a boo-boo kiss will go with a little one? I find myself treasuring this phase so much more as I look at Erin and realize just how quickly it passes.
Ty got his first professional haircut this week. The sun has highlighted his otherwise dark hair so I couldn't take the clippers to it. My beautician trimmed it up off his neck and around his ears. As opposed as he was to the entire event, I think he looks rather handsome.

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