Monday, June 25, 2012

Old Stomping Ground

Greg's family reunion was on Saturday. We hog tied the teenagers and forced them to attend only to discover they were the only teenagers present. Rumor has it this was their final family reunion.
 The dessert table was easily accessible by two year old boys......
 Texting while driving.....this is the kid who desperately wants her learners permit.
 I have no explanation. I just know I had approximately ten similar shots on my camera.

Greg and the teens returned home afterward to send Lauren to church camp and Erin to work. I took the other kids to stay at my Mom's so I could visit with a friend who was coming in from San Antonio on Sunday. We spent two days checking out favorite locations, drove by the old house, spent a lot of time in the pool and relaxing. Makenna brought Audrey along and they ran into a neighbor on a walk. Makenna didn't remember the neighbor but she immediately knew Makenna was my daughter. Even though we kept our trip pretty quiet, it was amazing how many people we ran into while touring the area and how familiar we still are after being away for six years. There is no place like home.

The girls declare victory when Grandpa surrendered. At one point he brought the garden hose into this water gun fight! 
 Hmm.....wonder what's about to happen here.
 Handsome boy
Game on.....Ty was once again not thrilled with the idea of being in the water but loved using the water guns on the sidelines. Grandma retaliated.
 Coaxing Avry to let go of Mommy.....
 Wild man
This girl was thrilled to lose the swim vest this year. She wore herself out playing in the pool for hours, loving every minute of it.
 Teamwork again.
Today, I took the kids to the airport to see where Daddy used to work and watch airplanes on the runway.
Afterward we hiked the reserve near our old house. The kids loved it; however, Kate begged to walk again when we got back to Grandma's because she couldn't wait to walk on sidewalks. We don't have them in our neighborhood and they were all too tempting for Kate. Ty, on the other hand, kept asking, "where are we going?"
Our weekend wrapped up a bit too quickly and I always wish I had more time to see more people every time I am there. Coming back to face a very full week will snap me out of my homesick thoughts. There is no place like home. Louisville still doesn't feel like home.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Looks like you all had a great time - so glad you got to go home and visit with friends and family! There really is no place like home...