Sunday, June 10, 2012

The really busy Summer Break kick off......

This week a neighborhood church hosted VBS and Kate loved it. She went each morning and came home every afternoon talking about the lessons learned. Makenna attended with Audrey, who will be spending part of the summer with us and they had a blast. The middle school VBS program was a "Destination Unknown Bible Study" and every day was an adventure. The girls had so much fun they've begged the leadership to host another one for Christmas break!The end of VBS meant a party at the church where Ty enjoyed the music, food and puppet show. He was pretty disappointed all week he wasn't old enough to participate.

We wrapped up our busy week with a quick day trip to my sister's house yesterday. Erin elected to stay home and get a sunburn with her "second mom" rather than join us for six fun filled hours in the van but the rest of us had a great day.

Ty played wack a mole with Uncle Jamie's head and a foam noodle. He threw every imaginable item into the pool rather than getting in and playing.....with the exception of the one time he jumped in without warning. At that point, I also went swimming fully dressed and not exactly prepared to be in the pool. All is well. That boy...

We enjoyed the pool, the new puppy, the food and the fire pit with smores at the end of our visit. It was a great day and the perfect way to wrap up a crazy week.

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