Sunday, June 17, 2012

This Weekend

Kate and I joined Jennifer and Shelby on an excursion to Holiday World yesterday. They had free tickets (which just happens to be my favorite price point....I think I've mentioned that before). Free is about the only way I would attempt an amusement park. That and only one kid to keep safe. I don't like rides. I don't really care much for water. Crowds are not appreciated and neither is the heat. So, it's safe to say I don't typically go to amusement parks. The company made our day relaxing and fun. I suspect Kate will be joining her older sisters' day trips to Kings Island in a few years for the roller coasters because the kiddie rides were "boring" but our little Katebug is not yet tall enough for many larger rides.

She loved the mini roller coaster but the wave pool in the water park was her favorite experience of the day.

We got adventurous and gave the park maps to the girls. They lead the way. Since we remained within the parameters of the park, we weren't actually lost.

People watching is something I do enjoy. I find people fascinating and could honestly watch them for hours. I try to figure out their stories, find something I can relate to. Holiday World did not disappoint! Terrify, yes but disappoint, no. I would like to know who is selling confidence building mirrors with their bathing suits. Super models would not look good in the strings some folks were comfortable parading about wearing. These folks were not built like supermodels. Enough said. Aside from the amount of skin showing, some interactions were difficult to watch. Think Wal-Mart on steroids. I can't shop Wal-Mart because I always want to bring home someone's children. It happens every time. Yesterday, I would have needed a bus to get home.  I am incredibly blessed to be in my family. We have our issues but we love and respect each other.

 Today was recovery day and Father's Day. We enjoyed dinner and dessert early in the afternoon together. Greg took a Nascar Nap and I joined him. I developed a little summer cold yesterday and decided the nap was needed. I called my dad this morning and Greg talked with his this afternoon. We are looking forward to seeing our fathers next weekend. Mothers too. We are pretty blessed to each have one set of parents who are still together and with us. I know holidays like this are tough on a lot of our friends.

*Ty's shirt says, "I get my good looks from my Dad". Yes he does.

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