Sunday, July 1, 2012

Clubbin at the Walmart

I stumbled upon a clearance dress that was practical, versatile and $24 while waiting on Erin to upgrade her cell phone at the mall Saturday morning. Given I previously owned one dress that you would have seen if you've attended a wedding or funeral with me in the last six years, I decided the spontaneous purchase was worthwhile. Makenna joked I could wear it "clubbing". First, it's not that kind of dress and second, how does my eleven year old know the word, "clubbing"?  But I hung it in the closet and enjoyed the day with my mom who was able to visit without my dad this weekend. She treated me to tea and cheesecake. She's my favorite. We ran errands, window shopped and talked for hours. Not being quite ready to call it a night, we found ourselves at the Cheesecake Factory at 9:30pm. It was indulgent and wonderful. I could barely finish the delicious dessert but managed, sans the whipped cream I noted my mom also pushed aside. Once we arrived home, Mom remembered she needed a toothbrush so we snagged Makenna for a Walmart run at 11 pm....sounded rather risky to me but it was the only thing open at that hour. Makenna decided we were "clubbing at Walmart". Perhaps she doesn't know that word after all.

In preparation for both Jill's visit last week and Mom's this weekend, Erin and I disagreed about the condition of her room. Erin's idea of "fine"....she says her room is like a museum because everything is on display.

Kate's side of the same room at the same time and a glimpse of my expectation.
Ty has maintained his fascination with dog poop. This is the scene all too regular in my backyard. I promise he begs to do this.

Greg sneezed loudly from the other room and Ty couldn't contain his giggles. When asked why he was laughing he said, "Daddy god bless you'd loud".

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

"God bless you'd loud" - LOVE IT!! I may start using that.