Monday, July 30, 2012

Don't freak out

I realize I need to set a personal goal for this up coming school year. I've titled it, "respond not react", or more commonly, "don't freak out". I have to admit, I was just short of freaking out today when I signed my employment contract and discovered I would be reporting to work full time on Monday. That's a week before the kids start. Erin starts school the same day I do, leaving no one at home with the resilience to care for Kate and Ty, much less Colby full time while I am trying to learn a new parenting technique, attend training courses and get acclimated to working full time outside our home. I texted friends I thought could help before finally sending Greg a panicked message begging him to take vacation time so our kids aren't shuffled around for a week before they start school. Little man is already processing the upcoming changes in his life a bit more than we'd expected so the jostling would not be healthy for him either. God is in the details. I am certain I am supposed to be in this role. I expect growth through challenges and also believe it will be good for us in the long run. I'm praying I can learn to slow down, respond in a reflective manor and assert myself when needed. It's going to be okay.

It's going to be last day caring for this sweet boy will be Friday. I can't honestly accept that truth just yet. It would be one thing if I would still be seeing him at church on the weekends or having cookouts like we did yesterday but he is moving away in August and taking his awesome parents with him. It breaks my heart. I'm rather smitten. It's probably a good thing I am going to be so busy for awhile.

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