Sunday, July 23, 2017

Vacation Week

We started off strong, Greg and I. This past weekend we went to dinner with friends and then walked the Big Four Bridge over the Ohio River. We spent hours together and it was glorious. This was the kick off to Greg's vacation of "let's not plan anything". And so we didn't.

On Monday, Kate returned from her Florida vacation with my parents with an ear that was raging with infection. I worked with my friend who happens to be an infectious disease pediatrician to get Kate proper treatment because the urgent care they visited two days before clearly didn't know what they were doing. I had five extra children and several school related phone calls to make in preparation for a new school year starting next week. Kate was feeling miserable and her mother was pretty unhappy swimmer's ear reached this point.
It isn't often he snuggles with me anymore so I tolerated Sunday morning cartoons and sipped tea with my favorite 8 year old. 

On Tuesday Erin called me crying. She hurt from head to toe and was so tired she couldn't keep her head up. Her doctor's office ran into an insurance glitch Greg worked on from our end until all the proper channels were informed she was in fact covered. That process took thirty minutes and according to the doctor's office, policy states she had to reschedule her appointment at that time. She fell apart so I gathered her up and took her to Urgent Care with hopes we would meet someone smarter than the moron who treated Kate's ear in London, Kentucky. Fortunately we did. They immediately dosed Erin with meds for nausea, a sprite to boost her bottomed out blood sugar, drew blood and did an xray of her back to eliminate an injury since it was her primary source of pain when we arrived. She was diagnosed with a UTI she never had symptoms for and believe she is suffering from a tick born illness. A culture was grown and her urine later came back positive for strep as well. The kid was sick. She is still recovering and likely will for some time. We kept Erin with us until we felt she was strong enough to drive herself home Wednesday afternoon.

On Thursday night, Kate and I attended orientation for her new school and came home to my antsy husband looking for something to do. He used his truck to pull the neighbor's rose bushes because she was having a difficult time getting them out herself. When he is restless, he gets in touch with his inner redneck and is entertaining, to say the least.

On Friday we ran to Home Depot with three kids for a doorknob.........and the floors in the master bedroom closet were finished today. We had to pull everything out to make that happen and I tackled that mess with brutality. The result looks like a hoarder intervention for the trash men. We will be out helping them load it up in the morning when five extra kids arrive to start our "not a vacation" week.
This was our 2:15 a.m wake up call this morning. Maybe we should have made plans for Greg's vacation week after all?

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