Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Seventeen years ago, our slightly sassy, usually bossy and highly entertaining third child was born. She has added a lot of humor, a little drama and a fair amount of wisdom to our family.

She knew she was the middle child long before we did and she fills the role well. She will roll with the punches until she won't and then she demands being noticed. She has served as the balance between her polar opposite older sisters and then navigated being a big sister well too.

Makenna is seventeen today, starting her Senior year this week and has ambitious goals for the future. Not only does she hold a part time job, but she carries an ongoing leadership role in her technical theater program. She balances her workload well with a healthy side of silly fun with great friends.

Happy birthday to you Makenna Grace! I hope you are celebrated and feel special today because you deserve nothing less. I love you!

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