Thursday, July 13, 2017

Ty's 8th Birthday Survey

What nicknames do people call you? Ty-Man and Buddy

If you could choose any name for yourself, what would it be? Henry

Favorite color: Red

Favorite food: Mac n Cheese

Favorite book: No David

Favorite TV show: Henry Danger

Favorite movie: Lego Batman

Favorite song: Baby by Justin Bieber
Favorite toy: my new basketball

Best friends: Alex and Kellen

What do you take to bed with you? My stuffed baby Brutus and my blanket

Where would you like to go on vacation? Texas

What do you want to be when you grow up? A super hero

Who is your favorite super hero? Batman or Night Wing

Favorite video game: Lego Batman because I can be Night Wing who is a really cool super hero

What was the best part about being 7? having Brutus with us and playing with a lot of friends

What are you best at?  Playing basketball

Happy birthday Ty! Life with you is an ongoing adventure. We are excited to see what year eight brings!

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