Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Makenna has a good friend named Kennedy who is a frequent visitor around here. She is a unique friend, to say the least. She loves my mini van. Seriously. The girl begs to drive it whenever an opportunity presents itself. In fact, the first time I met Kennedy, I handed her my keys and allowed her to drive Makenna to Target. We've been friends since.

Kennedy dreams of the future and her life as a mom. She has her Honda Odyssey picked out and is planning a career that will allow her to be a mom first. She is 17 years old and makes me smile with her planning.

But those dreams and skills have come in handy. She once took Kate bathing suit shopping for me so I wouldn't have to drag three little boys along on an already taxing chore. Not only did she locate an appropriate suit that fit properly which is miraculous on both counts, but she also washed my van. As I said, we are friends.

Kennedy reads my blog and one day called me out on my failure to feature her in this space. She selected the title and offered to send me photos. I countered that if she allowed me to play with the camera to gain additional practice, she had a deal. These are some of the results.

Thank you for playing along Kennedy. As it turns out, I am thankful for you.

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