Friday, July 28, 2017

Back-to-school Week

This week we celebrated Makenna's birthday, finalized a car purchase for her and started a new school year. It was a busy week which is apparently the only kind of week we know how to have. But I once again have sole custody of my van and know exactly where the tanks of gas are going.

Greg and I, not wanting to lose momentum on the closet project decided to tackle the top shelf one evening this week. We were both shocked to locate Brutus' medical records from Ohio in our stacks of paperwork. Greg was quietly processing while I fell apart. This shouldn't still hurt this much I tell myself, willing it to be true.

But that same project produced gems like this and the images bring back so many sweet memories.

The kids returned to school. We have a senior, a sixth grader in a new school and a second grader too. Kate and Ty ended up sleeping with me the days leading to their first day, both very unsettled about change. Every new school year leaves me a little anxious too. Trusting strangers with my babies isn't easy for me and I always watch the clock those first days waiting to hear all about their new teachers and friends.
Kate started the 6th grade at Lanesville Elementary in Mrs. Cole's class. Her new school is small and feels like a family. Elementary through sixth grade is a serious bonus too. She even gets recess unlike her friends in our local middle school.

Ty is a second grader at Georgetown Elementary in Mrs. Shiner's class. He hoped to return from the first day able to read comic books. His best buddy Kellen is in his class for the third year in a row.

And this is Makenna on the first day of her Senior year holding a photo of her kindergarten self. I shed all my tears the night before when I pulled that photo out of the album. Time is precious and fleeting.

And mid afternoon I received the following text from Makenna, "Senioritis is so real and it is really bad. The only class I haven't wanted to fall over and die in is tech". I shall stock the wine and chocolate accordingly. It just might be a long year!

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