Saturday, July 8, 2017

A Saturday Well Spent

My friend Robbin walked a local park with me while Ty and his buddy rode their bikes along the trail. We followed up with a bonfire and of course, smores. Legos filled their afternoon and giggles haven't stopped as they slowly (very slowly) make their way toward the sleeping part of their sleepover.

Ty met Gavin in preschool as a brand new three year old. Ty started the year (and continued for the 8 weeks he remained there) crying at the door for me until he found a quiet corner to put himself to sleep every day. Gavin soon followed suit and also started crying at the door much to the dismay of both his mother and the teachers!

Gavin is exactly three days older than Ty and they consistently have a good time together.

Ty was abandoned by all of his sisters for the weekend and failed to find my company the least bit entertaining after a few hours so we asked for Gavin for the night. It was a good call despite evidence that suggests they perhaps had a just a bit too much sugar around that bonfire.