Sunday, September 18, 2016

Weekend R&R

Brutus turned 12 on Friday. The old boy still has some puppy-like moments but is full of grumpy old man sass too.
Makenna and I took Kate and her friend Grace to see good friends in Edinburg this Saturday. We ate well, talked for hours and supervised some eleven year old shopping. Grace's family takes Kate camping. I take Grace shopping. It is good to stick with your individual strengths, I believe.
Ty was invited to a little girls' birthday party. He adores that special friend and was so excited to attend despite being the only boy invited. He was able to adopt this cat and make it a collar with beads. At some point during the celebration, he decided to teach a room full of little girls the song, "I am sexy and I know it". We are rocking this parenting gig.

On Sunday Lauren and Makenna joined me in downtown New Albany where I was somehow talked into a pair of skinny jeans. There is a strong possibility they will be returned this week. Makenna discovered she landed her first job when we visited our favorite consignment store. Makenna is so excited to be working where we already enjoying spending time.
This man spent the weekend smoking a pork shoulder for pulled pork sandwiches. He is awesome.

Someone pretty special made me jewelry at a birthday party this weekend. He used lots of colors so I can wear it every day as it will match everything.

He is a pretty good shot and loves the time we spend shooting together.

We pulled out all three bows and both targets on Sunday. Ty, Kate, Greg and I spent some time working on our aim. One of us is planning to deer hunt in the coming month. Another one of us would like to join him with the camera at some point but her promise to yell, "run Bambi run!" has eliminated her invitation.
We were well supervised. We always are.

Kate has been working on her scorpion. She is getting pretty close!

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