Friday, September 16, 2016

Heavy Heart

Have you ever have the kind of day you joke it must be a full moon? This was a week full of those kind of days and what do you know? It was a gorgeous full moon after all. On top of the normal ups and downs of daily life, several families we know are wrestling with some difficult challenges. I have found myself unable to shake sadness as I continue to pray for each of them.

It is easy to let feelings run my life into chaos as I am far more emotional than analytical in my response to others pain. I wrapped up the book of John where he shares in horrific detail the crucifixion of Christ. He points out how the casual bystander saw the circumstances and assumed Jesus was at his most vulnerable and obviously losing in those final days of his life on earth. In truth though, He was very much in control throughout the entire process as his death was the perfect point. Jesus knew how it ended and allowed that to play out. I find peace in that message as I struggle to understand the pain others are experiencing. In this season of political hatefulness, worldwide suffering at the hands of evil and the difficult circumstances facing the people I care so much about, I have assurance Jesus is still in control.

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