Sunday, September 11, 2016

Big Fish and Full Weekends

Makenna worked four presentations of Big Fish this weekend as an assistant stage manager. It was her personal all-time favorite show but after keeping the hours of 6am-11pm for an entire week, she is happy to see it wrap up. I loved watching the final performace today as a family. It was a beautiful story about taking time to enjoy the people in your life.

Erin recalled her short stint with the theater after the show. She was required to hold hands with a boy and she was not happy about it. They negotiated with her and allowed a pinky finger hold. She claims she accepted those terms "because the show must go on" which she stated with air quotes. She was six. You don't have to spend much time with Erin to realize the whole world is literally her stage.

Our neighborhood yard sale took place Saturday morning. Lauren talked me into participating and we did so together with two other families . No one got rich but we unloaded a few things and made enough to help pay for dinner on Sunday evening. We hoped to check out a newer restaurant on the river we have heard great things about but after being rerouted a dozen times and encountering an hour and a half wait time, we ended up back at our old local favorite burger joint. No one complained. The kids are already counting down to the next family dinner out which is traditionally on Ryan's birthday in December.

We had friends over for dinner Saturday night.It appears to be a regular event lately which is a more than pleasant way to tackle weekends.
Ty and I took a walk this morning to our neighborhood creek. I was sipping tea and toting my camera; the significance of 9-11 resonating in my heart. I wish our country had remained as united as we were in the aftermath of the attacks. I felt compelled to live the day in gratitude of having this beautiful life despite the chaos and turmoil of the world.  Today I was grateful for laughter, tears in the theater, my boisterous family, friends, dinner I didn't have to prepare or clean up, the joy on Ty's face as he splashed in the creek, Kate's giggles with a friend, an evening walk, sunset, sweater weather this evening and the promise of cooler mornings on my swing. Oh! And leftover pecan pie. Life is beautiful.

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