Sunday, September 18, 2016

Kate's Turn

An impromptu photo shoot took place this evening because discussions of family scrapbooks occurred and at that point, I realized I had never taken Kate out for her birthday photos. Kate turned eleven in May. I am rocking this mom gig. In my defense, there was a wedding sprung on me that month and I only had six weeks to throw that little shindig together so a lot of other details fell through the cracks.

So Kate and I literally decided today worked for us and within minutes had the camera in the field and later at the park for a little session. She has bigger photo plans for birthday number twelve which she believes is just around the corner. Slow down baby. I am not ready.

Middle school hasn't been as kind to Kate as we had hoped for her. She has one amazing teacher and one extremely unhappy teacher. Kate's belly hurts daily as she internalizes stress. There are a lot of tears at bedtime and as she is working up the nerve to board the bus each morning.  We have already had one discussion with the teacher and anticipate the next one will have to include the principal. We are in prayer about what is best for Kate moving forward as she enjoys the social aspects of school and is pulling straight A's but the emotional garbage has a pretty hefty price tag.

Gymnastics starts back up tomorrow and she has her first choir concert at the end of the month. She loves spending time with friends, tumbling, swimming, camping, boating, creating, reading, watching old Phineas and Ferb videos on Netflix and shopping. She is still the sweet one in the family and hasn't outgrown snuggling with her mom. Despite the delay in capturing Kate exclusively, she is pretty special.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I love all these pictures and the sweet, beautiful girl that is in them!!!