Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Dreaming of Pumpkins

Like every previous September,  I ushered the month in with visions of sweaters, a tea kettle simmering all day, and pumpkins dancing in my head. I am craving cooler weather, the scent of fallen leaves, family and friends gathered around bonfires and chilly mornings begging for a hot chai tea (pumpkin spice latte of course) while I hold down the porch swing. I have friends still clinging to summer and this week of temperatures remaining in the nineties is keeping them content . I, on the other hand, have two pumpkins on display and have baked an apple crisp. Candy corn hides in my cabinet away from the littlest family member who inhaled a basketful the first day it was displayed.  I can cozy up my space and deny reality if it suits me.

We are fully in the throws of back-to-school since that season starts in the heat of July around here. We have had two occasions to grab a light jacket on our way to the bus before sunrise thus far with promises of more opportunities on the horizon. Bring it. My friend Robbin crocheted a beautiful sweater for me to use on my swing. I cannot wait to wrap up in it.

Makenna managed to maintain straight A's while holding down more than 25 hours each week in the theater since school started. The show they are presenting this weekend is described as whimsical, endearing and beautiful. She is proud of Big Fish and the crew working it.

Erin has entered a relationship after spending a few months getting to know Jake. They each introduced the other to their families last weekend before agreeing to date. Between the relationship status and her new job, we see very little of Erin these days but she is happy. However, out-of-the-blue requests to stop by for grilled cheese sandwiches can still occur without warning.

Lauren is managing Taylor's training well but she misses him and is anxious to receive his first phone call. We all want updates and miss him. We've enclosed photos in letters to him in hopes of brightening his world a little. Rumor has it she will get to join him in Texas in January while he wraps up technical training. Lauren is clinging to that date but there is a part of me not quite ready to let her go.

This weekend holds dinner plans with friends around the patio table, a group attending the theater to see Makenna's show and the entire family (plus one) is going out for dinner afterward. We rarely go out to eat as a complete family so there is some anticipation of laughter, relaxation and togetherness in which someone else cleans up and keeps tea glasses full.

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