Tuesday, September 6, 2016

An Army Guy Needs Glasses

Ty has this habit of blinking his eyes in such a way that I have questioned if it could be a habit. My sister called to ask if he was in pain after spending a weekend with him. I thought perhaps he had allergy eyes because the rest of the world reports they do. I asked a nurse friend for over the counter suggestions to combat this little issue. After she ran through a series of questions, she determined he needed an optometrist not allergy medicine. Allergy medicine would have been easier but we have a smart and kind optometrist so an appointment was made.

I informed him he had an appointment after school the day of so he wouldn't have time to get too worked up about it. Ty is sensitive to lights in his eyes and people in his face. He gets this from his mother. After his initial meltdown, he opted to wear his army uniform so he would be brave and strong like Taylor. He then walked into his appointment ready to cooperate.

After they spent an hour and a half with him running and rerunning tests. He was a trooper but it was determined he is having muscle spasms behind his eyes because he is straining  to focus.

His new camouflage frames arrived today and he is pretty excited to join his sisters and a friend who get to wear glasses at school. I emailed his teacher this evening in preparation of his new specks tomorrow. She answered, "oh I already know because he is so very excited".

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