Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Kick Off

Our little green ninja started day camp on Monday. He will be attending every weekday in June except next week which will be spent enjoying VBS instead. I made him wear real clothes. Once again, he technically obeyed. He wore his mask upside down though so he "looks different".

A big thank you to Ms. Cox and Anne who sent me photos of Kate on stage because I was not able to attend the ceremony. My new summer commitments started the same day.

Kate Bug wrapped up her third grade year with the top award for her class. She had no idea what it meant and was rather somber about the whole affair. The Bearcat award is given to one student from each class who is a good example to others, kind, respectful and made great progress throughout the year. At this point in her life, this is an excellent description of Kate. She also received the physical education award because she is the third grade student who stood out in the mind of the gym teacher as a student who always had a positive attitude, set a good example to others and enjoyed gym class. Once again, the honor was lost on Kate. She was just being herself.

Anna told me I was cute. I believe I was likely her age the last time someone said that to me. Lauren heard her and decided Anna was just talking and didn't know what she was saying. Some animals eat their young. Just saying.
Our library's summer reading program is super hero themed. Our little spiderman is pretty pumped.

I took the kids to the park to burn energy. I no longer had any energy to burn so I sat in the van with a cup of tea, a book and secret M&M's. Kate was suspicious because it was the only time I have sat in the van and not joined the fun. I dropped one M&M and searched in vain to locate the evidence. The same children who are unable to find their own missing shoes when they are actively seeking them have radar senses for hidden treats. My mind was racing as I watched the kids approach and decided when that darn M&M is located, I am blaming Lauren.
I promise this was their idea and they spent a ridiculous amount of time piled in here.

We have a neighbor who has had a boxer penned up for a year. Layla spent the brutal winter in the pen and the heat of the summer locked in that same dirty pen. When I look out the front of my house, I see Layla's pen and it's broken my heart since they built it. By Thanksgiving, the family wasn't even letting her out to use the restroom and barely noted her existence when they fed and watered her. I am not exaggerating when I say that there were times I had tears in my eyes as I watched her stare at her house from that cage. I started to plan a way to kidnap her. I wish I was kidding. If I thought I could get away with it, Layla would have been rescued a long time ago. I tried to convince my sister to take her over Thanksgiving break but couldn't get anyone on board with my deceitful plan. Never in my life have I wanted to take something that didn't belong to me but I couldn't keep looking at this sad puppy in the cage across the street.  On Tuesday night, Lauren spoke to the teen who lives at Layla's house and was told they were looking for a new home for her. If they didn't have her placed by the weekend, Layla would be going to a shelter. Lauren confessed I had been plotting a kidnapping and knew I would help find Layla a new home, even if it meant we would be inheriting another dog. After questioning the adults in the house about Layla's temperament and spending some time working with her, I talked to Greg about adding her to our family. He has also been upset about her living conditions and quickly agreed.

She has made herself quite at home the few hours she's been with us. Kisses are smothered on all of us at all times. We think she's going to like it here.
 Of course, not everyone has fully adjusted.
With enough time and attention, everyone should love her like Kate already does.


Jill May said...

Way to go Kate, I am so glad that others recognize your sweet, kind and gentle spirit, we think you are pretty special! :) Your new addition is adorable, and I absolutely must have that cat. He is beautiful!!!

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I cannot wait to meet happy she now has the loving home she deserves.