Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kindergarten Promotion

We told him he had to wear real clothes to church tonight. He was technically obedient.
Because this spring clearly hadn't contained enough milestones for our family, Ty was promoted to kindergarten status at church tonight with a cookout, new bible and tour of his new classroom. When instructed to sit on the carpet with all the other kids, our son found his own carpet away from the crowd. The very optimistic parent next to me thought he was already on an independent track and this was a good thing. The fact we had to escort him to accept his bible and bag when all the other kids willingly jumped up to get theirs further clarified what I suspected to be true. He needs kindergarten exposure. Tomorrow he will start attending camp every weekday morning for the month of June to prepare for all day kindergarten in the fall. Our experiment of attempting homeschooling kindergarten this semester failed. Miserably. He was explaining how three groups of four objects makes twelve to Devyn at one point but when I ask what four plus one equals, he halfheartedly answers "six" with a shrug. He absolutely refuses to let me know what he knows and I believe he will show off for a teacher. After many tears, lots of prayer and a ridiculous amount of questioning fellow elementary school moms, we've enrolled Ty in our local public school. He will start two weeks after his sixth birthday in July.
These two don't often connect but when they do, it's pretty sweet.
Kate loudly proclaimed after an argument with Ty she hates boys and we don't ever have to worry about her dating. I asked her to write that out for me, sign and date it. Greg laughed at me. I have the written statement anyway.

I love this man. I cracked up when I rounded the corner today and saw a lot of my spices lined up on the counter while Greg had his nose in his phone searching ingredient lists for a new rub he wants to try the next time he smokes pork loin. He may be a little OCD but he's awesome with a grill. I think I will keep him.
The remnants of Lauren's graduation party are gorgeous. I think they were a great investment. And if you are the mother of sons, you have to read this book. I literally laugh out loud every time I sit down to read a few pages.
While working on this little blog post, Greg pulled out our old stand-by family entertainment. He harassed Brutus with his duck call. We are easily amused.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

That is a wonderful pic of Makenna and Kate!! The bond your kids have with one another is wonderful.
I love that little kindergarten bound boy of yours :)