Thursday, May 7, 2015

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Happiness is a chubby baby in a hat.
Three year old Devyn spent another week in Disney. I am fairly certain she'd live there if given half a chance. While meeting Alice of Alice in Wonderland, the first thing Devyn told her was that I made her eat a mushroom once. Alice was horrified and declared "Sherri is awful". I will likely be hearing this in the future because  Devyn forgets nothing. For the record, Devyn was curious about the mushrooms on my plate so I encouraged her to try one. I did push a bit because she is in a dietary rut and refuses to try new things. I built it up as an adventure and she did eat one slice of mushroom. She said she liked it but declined another. I do insist everyone eat at least one serving of all green veggies though. I am awful like that.
Anna helped us consume two watermelons in four days.

Anna noted my hand was raw and inflamed again. She insisted I go to bed, watch Mickey and eat muffins so I would feel better. Hands down, this is the best medical advice I have ever been given.

Ty ran to get me this morning and insisted I come see the sunrise with him. He was so excited about the pink ball coming up over the trees. I said something about the sun saying good morning and he whispered in response, "I think it's God".
Only serious landscapers wear slippers while mulching.

And speaking of God, Ty has a lot of questions about dying, heaven and God lately. He needed to know from the backseat of the van today how God is in heaven and also in our hearts. Ever explain the trinity to a five year old?

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