Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lauren's Graduation

"Kid, you'll move mountains. Today is your day.Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way!" Dr. Seuss
Last day of high school.

Never a morning person, Lauren woke on Friday at 6:30 and wandered into the kitchen where she stood staring through sleepy eyes at the sunrise. Things were clearly not computing fully so I bravely spoke. "That's sunrise. It's been awhile since you last saw one". She smiled. "After today, I will never have to go back to high school." A few minutes later, over breakfast she let out a cowgirl sounding "Yippee!" and smiled. I think she's ready to move on. 
Lauren designed her own graduation cap. Prior to graduation, a slide show of photos set to music played and Lauren's theme was also "breaking free" from High School Musical

This woman has the patience of Job. She has endured a lot of hard life with Lauren the last three years.
In true Montessori style, the teens created their own graduation ceremony. It was the most unique ceremony I have ever seen but they stayed true to themselves. Here, Lauren's wonderful adviser, Danielle is reading the narrative Lauren wrote to be read as she received her diploma. We are pretty proud of the young woman she has grown to be.

Lauren did not want family photos with her cap and gown before graduation and afterward we were too busy. She wasn't interested anyway.  But we did get this shot of the girls as we headed out.

"Graduation is boring" followed by, "can we just go home?" lead to Makenna's phone being pulled out to occupy Ty
I was not tearful during the ceremony. I held it together as we prepared for this day but this afternoon Paige showed up with a hand painted map she created noting all the locations their friend group would be in a few months and I had to leave the room to compose myself. The reality of how quickly time is passing hit me hard. My babies are growing up.


TeamWilmore said...

Beautiful!!!! Big hugs to you momma ... who told these kids they were allowed to leave us anyway?!?! Even just across town is too difficult for me, and I'm still trying to drag that boy back. I know, chalk mark under my bad mom column, but I would keep them with me forever if I could. Can't they just fly from our house and then return home to nest at night????

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Love how she decorated her cap :) I am so proud of her and can't wait to see where she spreads her wings and what adventures in life she takes. Hugs to you momma...watching our little ones grow up is so bittersweet...