Saturday, May 23, 2015

Round 2

We sent Lauren and Taylor off to prom tonight after six girls spent the afternoon primping in our bathroom. We are directly responsible for the giant hole in the ozone layer above Georgetown. It was loud, messy and worth every minute of chaos. We will miss the noise and confusion soon enough.
Paige, Sydney and Lauren gathered for makeup sessions and photos before heading off in different directions tonight. They are certain to find one another on the dance floor eventually. Floyd Central's prom is in around 900 kids. May God bless the chaperones. Amen.

This dress should look vaguely familiar. It is the same dress Erin wore her senior year. We found this one at our favorite consignment store after selling Erin's in raspberry in the same store.

Sam spent the night last night so the girls could decorate their graduation caps together and stuck around today even though she was not participating in round two of this prom season.

I have no words.


because they are no longer the sweet baby feet I used to kiss but now carry a beautiful young lady I am so proud to call my daughter


Jill May said...

She is simply gorgeous, the girl would look great in a potato sack! LOL! I hope they had a wonderful time!

Kristin said...

I was good until you mentioned her cute baby feet. So glad that I have had the chance to see these girls grow up. They are very special! Love to all!

A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

She is stunning!