Sunday, June 14, 2015

Awesome Weekend!

On Friday Lauren purchased her first car. We can't decide who is more excited because Greg and I are pretty thrilled to have our keys back after all this time.

And then my friends arrived for a weekend full of laughter, awesome food and excellent conversation. Kristil flew in from San Antonio and Kristin arrived from Dayton. Collectively we hid away from nine children, three husbands and three homes in need of constant care. It was perfect.

As I wrapped up my girlfriend weekend I discovered Erin here doing laundry while the rest of the family gathered. I decided things were too quiet and pulled out water guns and soaker balls. It was a loud and wet blast. 
When Daddy picks up the water bucket.....

everyone takes cover


I picked up a bedtime bath bomb at Lush for the kids while shopping with my friends yesterday. Whereas I am not sure it relaxed the children, it sure was fun.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

What an awesome weekend!!! I love the water fight pictures - everyone is genuinely smiling and laughing. Great memories :)
So happy that your friends came down and you all were able to spend time together.

TeamWilmore said...

Awww, shoot! I should've stayed a few more hours and rocked that water fight rather than sitting on the floor of the Dayton airport with a ton of miserable travelers! No fair!!!!!

I really do hope you can make a visit here so I can have half a chance to spoil you with the love and hospitality you all showed me. I am a truly lucky and blessed lady! #BFFsForLife (uhhhhm - that hashtag is a wee bit redundant, a tad juvenile, and a whole lot made up, but ... I'm blonde! - that's my story and I'm sticking to it!). Dear Lord, I've lived here way too long!