Friday, June 19, 2015

A Glimpse

For a brief moment this week I was left speechless as Kate rambled on in great detail about something she read in a magazine that morning. Kate never lacks details in her verbal retelling; written word is another story. But there she stood with messy hair and a simple tank top and I suddenly saw her as a teen. It took my breath. Hold on baby, I am not ready.

I have two elementary aged kiddos this summer on a part-time basis. We are revisiting an activity from last summer working together to write and illustrate a story. We made a bucket list from which to choose daily activities to keep the drama to a minimum as toddlers and preschoolers are really much more my forte. We made snicker-doodles one hot afternoon this week and they caught onto my futile attempts to get them to help with housework by offering to let them play maid wearing aprons. It was worth a shot.

After a busy week with five extra children, I took advantage of having only two extras and ran around downtown New Albany today. We shared appetizers at Habana Blues, stopped by the library and shopped our favorite consignment store for fun. New Albany may never be the same but these guys were pretty cute.

Pig tails and pink rain boots? Darling.
Layla is settling into our routine. She has a lot of energy and wakes us every morning with enthusiastic kisses. Oliver and Brutus are not fans of these wake up calls but it beats the alarm clock any day. However, she swiped a kiss during naptime today and Devyn woke up saying, "disgusting". The nap was cut short. We're working on Layla's manners.

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Kate is growing up so fast...but she is growing up to be such a beautiful young lady, inside and out.