Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

We quietly celebrated Greg this weekend because that's our style. We took a walk over the river, enjoyed ice cream treats and a steak dinner at home surrounded by our family followed by sprinkler fun. Well, quiet may not be the correct adverb to describe us after all but it was simple and fun.

I took a quick survey of the kids' favorite things about their daddy.
Kate: shooting bows and arrows with him
Ty: when he lets me sit on his lap and watch the race with him
Erin: the way he takes care of things, like my oil changes
Lauren: his gay voice and awesome dance moves
Makenna:his humor

Happy father's day to a pretty amazing dad.

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TeamWilmore said...

I love the picture of dad and his kids! You have got to capture a video of the dance moves ... I have a couple videos of Matt's "moves" - I'm thinking we could go viral with these videos! Even better, next time Matt's in Louisville, keep the beer flowing, and grab a video featuring them BOTH dancing! Seriously, just a couple beers and some pretty-please faces from the kids, and it'll be a piece of cake!