Thursday, October 23, 2014

This Week

Sometimes God gives us a break when we need it. Sometimes we need it for a very long time before we get it and I suspect those are the times God is trying to teach us to lean on Him more. Then there are rare weekends full of relaxation when we aren't feeling like we need time away to think clearly. As it turns out, weekends like that are preparatory for weeks like this. God said, "Rest now. You will need it" only I didn't necessarily realize that at the time.

Greg mentioned a toothache Friday as I was leaving town. I sent him immediately to the dentist who was closing up shop for the weekend in 25 minutes. The dentist ran x-rays and determined he needed a root canal and will also need a cap for that broken tooth. No one knows why or how that tooth broke but it did a few days prior to Greg mentioning a nagging tooth ache. Some men are teased about whining over every little sniffle but my husband notoriously downplays his symptoms. His tooth had been bothering him for days before he said a word about it.

By the time I got home from Nashville on Sunday, I insisted he get the pain med prescription filled he'd been holding onto since Friday. The man was pale, miserable and obviously in serious discomfort. The swelling and pain was increasing at an alarming rate and I suggested more than once he call the dentist. He waited until Monday morning despite the fact our dentist gave him his personal cell phone number in the office on Friday in case things worsened over the weekend. So on Monday morning, I ran to pick up antibiotics to start treating infection before he was due to see the endodontist that afternoon for the root canal.

By the time we arrived for the procedure, I was concerned they wouldn't proceed given how infected Greg's mouth appeared to be. The doctor felt 80% sure he could save Greg's tooth and the root canal would be successful so they went ahead and performed the root canal. An hour and a half later, we left the office and Greg was hungry. He hadn't been able to eat much of anything for days and thought chili sounded good. We were no sooner ordering the soup for pick up than Greg was shivering with feverish chills. He had our heat cranked up in the van and shaking uncontrollably. I dropped off his second antibiotic script and took him home. He stood in a hot shower for thirty minutes before collapsing into bed looking very ill. I ran to pick up the meds and returned to him running 102.6 fever and I was scared. Infections in the mouth can very quickly cause serious health complications and I was certain he was very sick. I called the doctor and he agreed. He wanted to send us to the UofL ER for IV antibiotics and to have an oral surgeon pull that tooth. Greg talked us both out of that course of action stating he wanted to give it a few hours.

The doctor called back a few hours later and Greg's temp was down to 100.4. Greg was celebrating the fact the antibiotics were kicking in and I was stressed because he was also on Motrin and Tylenol to control the fever. He decided to wait until morning to follow up again with the doctor but knew that a sudden spike in fever overnight would mean we would be going to UofL. I did not sleep any more than he did. Pain and swelling kept him awake whereas I was truly afraid he would get very sick overnight. I checked for fever countless times throughout the night.

By Tuesday morning, Greg convinced us all he was on the mend and tried to eat. The swelling in his face was horrendous. I teased he looked like the Godfather, Marlon Brando. Greg didn't see the humor. He didn't rest well and he was clearly still sick but at times, appeared to be on the mend.

By Wednesday morning I insisted once again he call the doctor back because the swelling had spread to his lips. The inside of his mouth was swollen up past the gum line and he was still trying to convince me he was fine and going back to work that night. We also had an argument about lawn care. Honestly. He wanted to mow the yard because all the neighbors had mowed theirs in a forty eight hour period. I was not amused.

The doctor agreed with Greg's fussy wife and wanted to see him. We loaded up three little ones and drove across town for Greg to have the swollen tissue cut open and hardened infection removed. It wasn't a comfortable process but it should expedite his healing by about a week. The good news gained in that appointment was learning the hardened infection indicates the antibiotics are working. Praise God.

Greg insisted on going back to work last night. A few hours after his arrival, the wonderful ladies he works with sent him home. The swelling was increasing and he was looking rather wiped out. He listened to them and we will be chatting about that irony later. Ahem.

He slept most of the day today. His pain is managed and he is eating again. We hope the follow up with the endodontist tomorrow will release him back to our family dentist to start the cap process next week. A couple of weeks and a lot of money later, he should be smiling again.

In the middle of all this drama, life was happening with five kids, a few extra little ones and resuming a routine after a two week fall break. I am still standing, laughing and grateful. Life is a ride and I am blessed God saw fit to have me rest before this little adventure.
Kate's gymnastics class hosted family night on Tuesday. This was her fourth week and she loves it. At the end of the class, she was promoted to the Monday night more advanced class. While we were discussing the possibility in my schedule, Makenna found herself offered a job as an assistant coach with the little kids. I am pretty excited for Makenna to have this opportunity; however, in the back of my mind I was scrambling to work out how we are going to navigate transportation for one more commitment. Operation, "Get Lauren a Car" needs to be implemented sooner rather than later but both Kate and Makenna are pretty excited.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

I am so glad that Greg is on the mend and an er trip was not needed. I love all the pictures of Kate - she has talent for sure. And the last picture of Ty cracks me up - sweet boy must have been exhausted.

TeamWilmore said...

Beautiful photos!!! Can't say enough how glad I am Greg is on the road to recovery!

George McEvoy said...

Greg must have thought that the toothache would go away. Too bad it didn't. But it's great that Greg is on his way to recovery. Mouth infections are scary, and he could had been in a worse state if it weren't for you. Send my regards to Greg!