Friday, October 17, 2014

Living Room

I referenced ordering new furniture Labor Day weekend. It finally arrived yesterday and we love it. Ty had fallen asleep on the couch in the middle of the showroom floor while we asked a few questions which confirmed this was perhaps the best of the best for our family. Greg and I had been casually looking for a few months to replace our red set. I still loved the color but it was destroyed by daily wear and tear. We are a rough crowd, apparently. Anyway, we left the showroom to measure and make sure the new would fit in our space since it was significantly larger. We had friends up to offer suggestions and eventually eliminated one bookcase and the kids' table to make it all work out. We are happy with the results. However, we got on Ashley's website to show Erin what we were going to order and couldn't find it online. I finally googled the name and ended up on Not only was the exact set there, it was significantly cheaper than the deal we were offered at Ashley. I read reviews, checked them with the Better Business Bureau and ultimately ordered from them instead of Ashley. Other than the lengthy time frame we waited, we are satisfied customers. We didn't pay sales tax and got a better price saving us $600 total. It was worth the wait.

My parents gave me a gift card for my birthday to satisfy my lamp envy after seeing my sister's new lamps. They are pretty awesome. The lamps are too. I still feel we need a square pillow with a pop of color on the couch and another on the chair and a half. Since the pillows that came with the set were large and dark, I have them tossed in the corners for the kids to cuddle with in hopes of keeping the decorative ones looking nice longer. I kid myself. Greg is working on my little end table this weekend. It sits between the sofa and the gliding rocker. It was blue and broken. (As I mentioned, we are a rough crowd) He will repair and paint it black this weekend. He too is pretty awesome.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

It looks wonderful in there - I love the color!

Jill May said...

It looks awesome and very comfy. And saving $600 is pretty sweet, too!