Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday Ramblings

Kate needed my help. She wanted to wear a stylish jacket and blouse but needed pants that would look right but be stretchy enough to allow her to do the splits. This was a parenting first but we were able to avoid a fashion crisis. Thank God for leggings. She attended her first ever gymnastics class at a local community center this week. Half way through the class, her instructor requested Kate stay to check out the advanced course afterward. Kate was pretty pleased and worn out after two classes in one evening. It looks like we're committed to a later class than I wanted but Kate will be working on mastering the skills she hasn't figured out on her own in the back yard.
All I can say is that there is a reason these cats are pretty.

Friday I pulled Ty into the bathroom with me while I cleaned so Devyn could fall asleep at naptime. I handed Ty the toilet bowl brush. He eagerly cleaned and repeatedly exclaimed, "I can't believe you are letting me do this!"
Sunrise on a foggy morning this week.

My dad shared that Ty, who talks a mile a minute, stopped a one-sided conversation last weekend to explain to him that "twice means two times".  Grandpa was amused.
He's cute.

I had a birthday this week. I was pretty well loved on by friends and family. I heard from countless people and it was pretty sweet. I have a lot of awesome people in my life and feel rather blessed. Mom let Kate choose a card to give me and she was in charge of getting all her sibling's signatures while also keeping the card a secret until the big day. It was hilarious. She won't be pulling any top secret missions anytime soon since she was as subtle as a train wreck. She took her job seriously as even Justin signed the card "to the best mom on the planet".

We sent Makenna to Cape Cod for two weeks with a friend's family. She should be the most relaxed family member by the end of fall break. Kate sat down this morning and wrote a bucket list for our fall break. She hopes to go zip lining with me, paint pottery, star gaze, have smores by a bonfire, explore a new park and use her easy bake oven. Is it sad the only one making me cringe involves the easy bake oven?

The date. Justin and Erin have been officially a couple for ten months now. They have been looking seriously at their future and insisted both sets of parents spend time together. They forced a date upon our calendar and today we hosted his family for an early dinner.We enjoyed their company and they clearly love the kids as much as we do. There was a joke about Erin being a runner at the doctor's office so Tim, who is a police officer let us know he will have all his fellow officers surround the church should Erin also be a runner when the time comes to meet his son at the altar. Tim was a customer of Erin's at Subway and really liked her. He asked for her phone number after speaking to her manager and insisted his son call her. They started off meeting for coffee and ultimately started dating a few months later. I happen to love this story.
I have no idea how this one turned out because I was laughing so hard. Erin insisted on photos. Justin insisted they include Oliver. Not only is the expression on Justin's face hilarious, but poor Oliver looks like he's being strangled. I assure you, Oliver is fine. They are a mess.

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