Thursday, December 2, 2010

Big Boy/Big Feet!

Love this boy! He is so determined to make a break for it each time he sees the gate off the stairs. So, I decided to move it up a few steps to allow some practice space for him to learn how to go up and back down safely. He loves his new-found freedom.

Grandma bought Dr. Pepper this last week. Ty's saying "thank you" which is his way of asking for something. Not a chance buddy! And yes, this is cold sore #7 in 8 months. We've started some natural immunity boosters in hopes of finally stopping these outbreaks.
He is also determined to explore the kitchen and now flips things out of the drawers because he can't see inside them. I have all the cupboards locked, I really don't want to lock the drawers too! It just slows me down in the kitchen and I am a bit too busy for that! Ty doesn't mind.

Kate saw three snowflakes outside yesterday morning so we bundled up and headed out to play in it.....needless to say it wasn't enough to impress Ty!

And....what is the story on little boy feet? Good grief! He is outgrowing his 6.5 shoes! I cannot believe we are headed into size 7 shoes before he is 17 months old! Kate is only an 11 at five and a half years!

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