Friday, November 26, 2010

Tree lit photos

Typically I am not ready to see this season arrive; however, for whatever reason, I am ready to embrace it. I've baked, ordered Christmas cards, decorated and's still good! I guess God's been working on me a bit this year! I still believe most of it is unnecessary and pulls us away from any resemblance of the true meaning of this season, but in perspective, I am thus far, enjoying this time with my family.

I love the old fashioned style bulbs. I used only two strands as an accent over 500 white lights. They were a little too pricey to decorate the entire tree. I like the final effect.

My friend Stacey gave this to me a few years's one of my favorites.

The stockings were hung by the front door with care in order to keep Ty David out of Urgent Care! (He'd pull them off the mantle and likely onto his head!)

This little nativity is still my favorite. My mom has one just like it and it was my favorite growing up too. I have five different nativity sets! My grandma's would be under the tree; however, I'd like to keep all the pieces intact so I'll hold off on that one another year! We have two that the kids can play with and are great for advent devotions.

Only a few snowmen remain from my original snowman collection. You know how things tend to take on a life of their own? I've passed on so many decorations over the years. I want to keep from getting bogged down with "stuff" and enjoy seeing the things that hold special memories for me.


A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

Your decorations are all so pretty!

Anonymous said...

The house looks gorgeous! Ok, you've put me in the mood too. Guess I'll start working on mine. Lots of love this Christmas and always! Kristin