Friday, November 19, 2010

Makenna's health update

Poor Makenna has not eaten since Sunday. She has visibly lost weight this week. Her 103 degree temp finally broke today and she is no longer taking Tylenol and Motrin in rotation every three hours. I had to take her into the doctor yesterday because she woke up with a mouth full of blisters. I was convinced it was still viral but had to be sure given the duration of the fever and body pain. Sure enough, she has a virus, but she tested negative for mono. It was so weird since her symptoms mirrored exactly what her friend's did and Hannah was positive for mono....anyway, given the season upon us, we are relieved that this will wrap up in a few days and she should recover quickly. We were also informed that this is not contagious so we pray it stops with her. Dr. Rezaei was out of the office so we met with Dr. Sepheri who prescribed ice cream and milkshakes for two days to add fat, calories and comfort for the painful blisters. Makenna likes Dr. Sepheri!

On a fun side note, I had to run errands today since we've been house bound all week. My van's transmission acted up again so I pulled off the highway to restart it and see if it would comply. It did. Praise God. Kate said that we'd call Daddy if it didn't work because he is really smart. I agreed that he is really smart but inquired as to whether or not she thought I was. She thinks I am too but since Daddy works at UPS, he must be smarter. Hmmm????

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