Friday, November 26, 2010

Deck the Halls....

Hey Grandpa, are you going to eat all of that?

Left over pumpkin pie....oh yeah!

Ty will only cuddle with Daddy and Grandpa. Lucky guys.

Multi-tasking Erin is able to text on her iPod while decorating the tree.

Greg's working or I would not be allowed on this chair! I love my safety guy!

She literally popped in for one ornament and a photo...too busy for tradition this year!

Everyone's a camera hog when Mom wants a nice photo!

Seriously, my poor shy children!

Much better....what a group!
My dad helped me get the tree up by fixing our tree stand issue. I am grateful. Greg and I bought this tree the day after Christmas six months before we were married anticipating our first Christmas together. I still love it. It needed new lights this year and I was thrilled to find the old fashioned bulbs like the ones I grew up with. They made for a fun new twist on an old favorite. Kate couldn't wait for the tree or our first snow. Lucky Kate, today was her day! We got both! Mom took the big girls out for the new Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber cds while Dad held onto one very curious little boy. I hope I don't regret having this tree with Ty on the loose!

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A Mom to Two Lil' Ones said...

The picture of all the kids is great!